Letter from St. Patrick's after their first annual drive in 2013  Read Here

Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive supports the 20895 Hunger Free Zone  Read Here

Newsletter from Rick Gannon after the 2013 Drive  Read Here

Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive supports hurricane Sandy victims
"I thought it would be important as a community that we share the love with the state of NJ in their efforts to support hurricane Sandy victims. Thanks to my New Jersey connection, Mike Taylor, we were able to connect with a local area food bank- back in Southern NJ that is going to participate in the food drive this year. The NJ Food bank of Southern New Jersey will send a driver down Saturday morning to pick up food. I have promised them 5,000 cans and some of the monetary donations that we collect that day."    Rick Gannon, November 28, 2012   

Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive Supports Girls On The Run
Saturday, November 10, 2012 with the DC Spanish Catholic Center.

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