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Letters from the food receiving organizations:

The Spanish Catholic Center 1618 Monroe St. NW, Washington, DC 20010
Attn. Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive:

The Spanish Catholic Center of Catholic Charities had the great privilege of participating in this impressive food drive each year. The Center was blessed to receive an entire van full of canned goods, which will help our center serve the both the immediate community within Colombia Heights as well as those who commute to the center in need of food. The generous gifts will provide the Spanish Catholic Center with a much needed emergency stock throughout these winter months and the year to come. Thanks to all the Parishes in the area for donating to this wonderful event, and a special thanks to many the volunteers at the Geico Headquarters who made Saturday run smoothly and pass as a joyful occasion for all.


JSM Family Foundation
As I told Rick this morning, we were so pleased to be assigned to Holy Trinity. The word to describe that campus on Saturday morning was "joy" -- every one of the people there, from Principal Charlie Hennessy, to the parents unloading their cars, to the volunteers receiving, counting and loading the trucks -- were clearly very happy to be there and their joy was infectious. It was so good to see families living the Gospel with such sheer and utter joy.
And, the operation was among the most efficient we have seen in our three years.
On the other end, as you know, John S. Mulholland supports the three poorest parishes in the archdiocese. You really cannot imagine just how poor unless you visit. When our three cargo vans, each with around 5,000 cans -- pulled up, we were greeted by families -- men, women and children -- dealt a much different hand in life than the folks we left thirty minutes prior. You should know the complete gratitude on their faces. Mary Waters, who heads our pantry at St. Thomas More in Southeast, said it best, when she held her arms up high, waved her hands and said: "Praise the Lord."
Of course, when we deliver to our pantries, we always tell them where the food comes from, and our three pantries at St. Thomas More, St. Francis Xavier, and Holy Name, have asked me to be sure to express their thanks to the Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive Organization, and to the good people at Holy Trinity.
The food delivered will not only make the holidays happier for over 500 families, but the supply will last clear through the month of January at each location.
My family feels so honored and privileged to be part of the single greatest one day campaign to feed God's poor in the City of Washington. For us, it is a reunion of the 5 Mulholland Men, honoring the memory of the Missing 2 by serving others. Thank you for allowing us to participate.

Brian M. Mulholland
Chairman and President
John S. Mulholland Family Foundation, Inc.
1629 K Street, NW - Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006


Southern Maryland Food Bank

Good morning everyone,

Below are the totals we collected at the Greg Gannon Food Drive, this past weekend.  Thank you to Natalie, Stephanie, Jessica, Ms. Cresswell, Deacon Jim 1, Deacon Jim 2 and every one on this team that made this a success. The SMD Food Bank is full for the first time in over a year. A huge thank you to St. Elizabeth and St. Jane's for their support and all out effort to make this a great event.
The competition was close with St. Elizabeth filling half our truck with the school donations, before the first car pulled up to unload. Their total weight was 9,647 pounds, which as of this morning is feeding 480 families.Not to be outdone was St. Jane's coming in at the last minute to edge out the completion and they collected 9,934 pounds, which again has already starting to feed 495 families.

All and all this was a true blessing for the Southern Maryland Food Bank and I am very grateful to all!
I would like to say a special thank you to my team. In Southern Maryland we often work long hours with limited staff all week long, but when I asked the staff to work on aSaturday, there was not a moments hesitation from them.  They were professional, upbeat and ready for the task, as they always are.  Thank you to George, Andrew and Dexter for a job more than well done!
Because of all of you Southern Maryland will be fed this week!

With great appreciation,
Brenda DiCarlo
Southern Maryland Food Bank

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