2013 Note from Rick Gannon

Dear Greg Gannon Team and Volunteers,

The weather outside is frightful but the can count is so delightful. How lucky were we yesterday with the weather and the turnout for the 26th annual Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive. We had over 1000 people out yesterday covering more territories than ever before with three new parishes. Holy Trinity, St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s successfully launched their first GGCFD drive this year. The end result is we collected 98,520 cans yesterday.    A tremendous success exceeding all expectations. Additionally, we partnered with St Paul’s United Methodist Church in Kensington to support their Hunger Free Zip Code initiative. We brought them so much food we had to get a box truck to bring the overflow to the main drop off point at GEICO. Amazing!

Over 1,000,000 cans and counting! Thank you on behalf of all of the leaders of the Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive  to all of your families for their efforts in making this the best year to date. Additionally, we would not have been able to expand the drive to the other parishes without the support  of Catholic Charities .

Have a joyous Holiday Season and know that your efforts will provide for many families throughout the Washington Metropolitan area.


Rick Gannon

Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive



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