20895 Hunger Free Zone

This year our Kensington team will be donating their collected items to the 20895 Hunger Free Zone Program initiated by St. Paul’s United Methodist Church located in Kensington, MD in the heart of the 20895 zip code.

 “I was so excited to learn about this program right here in our own town,” said Jessica Walsh, Kensington resident and Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive organizer, “and to find a way to combine our efforts inside our community. Too many people think that because we live in Kensington, there aren’t any hungry people. But I want people to know that the face of hunger is everywhere, in every community…the faces of moms and dads working multiple jobs to make ends meet in this crazy economy and desperate keep food on the table for their children. They are proud hard working contributing members of our community and we need to help!”

 Learn about St. Paul’s Hunger Ministry here!

 Read about the Hunger Free Zip Code Program here!

St. Paul’s partners with Bethesda Help which has an establish emergency food provision program for lower Montgomery County. Calls from 20895 go to Bethesda Help and St. Paul’s makes the deliveries of food their ministry donates. Learn more about Bethesda Help here!

 For more information about the Greg Gannon Food Drive in Kensington, please contact:

Jessica Walsh