2014 Thanksgiving Letter from Rick Gannon

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the long weekend. It felt more like Christmas with the snow and the cold but I guess it will prepare us for the 27th annual Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive! This year's drive is proving to be the biggest drive ever, with more new families joining than ever before and new territories to accommodate the additional participants.

A few thoughts as we approach next weekend. First of all, thank you for doing this. There are many things pulling at us this time of year, but this is a great way to kick off the Advent season. Next Friday, Blessed Sacrament will hold their annual dress down day, where the kids will be allowed to wear their GGCFD t-shirts and bring cans for the inter-grade can collecting contest. On Saturday, we will be meeting at Blessed Sacrament at 8:30 a.m. In addition to the usual program, the BS choir will sing Christmas carols, and we will have a special guest speaker from Catholic Charities talk to us about the personal impact our efforts have had on him.
Why come to the church and not just start from your home?
  1. The spirit of the community is one of the best things about the GGCFD. Since we moved the collection point to GEICO many years ago, so the only real opportunity to share the experience is at BS before we start.
  2. The Steeles will have coffee, hot chocolate and donuts as usual. What's not to love and it will save you a trip and money to Dunkin or Starbucks!
  3. The guest speaker will have an impact on you as to why we do this. I heard him speak at the St Patrick's GGCFD this year and he was very moving.
  4. The kids and adults like seeing each other and energy comes with numbers!
  5. We are giving away two Blessed Sacrament Christmas trees. We will have a free raffle.  No money required, but must be present to win.
  6. We are not going to have lunch this year in the cafeteria after the drive, so this is your only chance to catch up with the over 500 people that are out there with you collecting 100,000 cans.
  7. Finally, Santa is watching you!
We appreciate the effort you put forth to make this a successful event every year and look forward to seeing you next Saturday, December 6th. For more details please check out the web site at www.greggannoncfd.org
Rick Gannon and The Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive Team