Hunger Facts

The District of Columbia
D.C. has one of the highest child food insecurity rates of any other state in the nation, with 27.9% of children under the age of 18 (36,600 out of 109,452 children) living in food insecure households. In D.C., 14.5% of residents (91,540 out of 632,323 individuals) are food insecure.*

In Maryland, 13.1% of residents (773,200 out of 5,884,563 individuals) are food insecure. 19.3% of children in Maryland (259,330 out of 1,343,679 children) under the age of 18 are food insecure.*

In Virginia, 12.7% of residents (1,026,730 out of 8,096,604 individuals) are food insecure.16.5% of children in Virginia (301,980 out of 1,817,407 children) under the age of 18 are food insecure.* 

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