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For the last 25 years, for the Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive, the first week in December has been about collecting donations of canned and nonperishable food items which are then distributed to the Washington area poor, homeless and needy. Over 900,000 cans have been collected over 25 years.

The canned food drive is named and dedicated to Greg Gannon, husband of HTS' Mrs. Maureen Gannon.  Greg was a community leader, who worked closely with Father Horace McKenna. He founded the Higher Achievement Program, an academic enrichment course for disadvantaged youth, while teaching at Gonzaga College High School. 

Holy Trinity is joining in this year and we looking for families to help with the drive. So far over 30 families have signed up. This is a community effort that is good for all age groups and a great way to start the holiday season. The drive will take place on December 7th and will be followed up b the Deck the Halls celebration at HTS.

When is it? Saturday morning December 7th

What does it take to join in? Go to the main page of the site www.greggannoncfd.orfg and go to the drop box on the right that says "Select your church" Sign up to volunteer. Get another family to join with you. It is more fun if two families cover an area.

How does this work? You will be asked to cover a territory of about 150-200 houses.

How much time does it take? You will need to be able to drop bags off in your territory the week before (1-2 hrs) and collect on Saturday (1-2 hours).

What age group can doe this? K-8th. 8th graders can get confirmation hours for their service  but the younger kids love doing this too.

Who do I call with questions? Keith Moellering is leading this via the Father's Club (703) 585-9692.  Or go to Contact Us.

The Friday before, December 6th , the kids will be asked to bring in cans and wear the Holy Trinity Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive tee shirts.

Sign up today!