Territory Leader Information Sheet

Sign-up and confirm your territory on the website at: www.greggannoncfd.org/churches/st-patricks-church

Nov. 6th-9th  -- Materials Pick-up af School Pickup Line & at Masses
Leaders pick up materials for your respective teams at School pick-ups on Thursday or Friday or at Masses.  Items will include:  (1) GGCFD Flyers; (2) Thank You” Door Hangers; (3) “Can Count Sheets” & (4) T-Shirts.

Before the bags are distributed into your territory, you and your teammates will need to staple the GGCFD Flyer to each bag. (A family note (if desired) can also be stapled to the bags if you want to personalize your collection, but you will need to make copies.)

Wed., Nov. 12th or Thurs., Nov. 13th -- Bag Distribution to Houses
Territory Teams distribute empty bags with flyers on Tuesday or Wednesday before the big collection day in your collection area.*  Leave the bags inside the screen door, under the mat, or on the front step.
 *Please note the different “Border Streets” in your territory and collect only from your side of the street.

Saturday, Nov.15th -- Collection Day at St Patrick’s!
(1) Attend  8:00 a.m. Prayer Service at the church (coffee & donuts);
(2) Drive through your territory collecting food;
(3) Leave a “Thank You” Door Hanger on each door;
(4) Tally the cans as you collect, using the “Can Count Sheet;”
(5) Bring bagged cans back to drop off point in St. Patrick’s parking lot…and turn in the “Can Count Sheet;”
(6) Stay for Collection Can Count & Celebration