Lead a Territory

Sign up as a territory leader in one of the 35+ territories surrounding St. Patrick’s.

1)  Pick up grocery bags, flyers, door hangers, and t-shirts from the parish center on Thursday, November 2nd or Friday, November 3rd. Exact time to be determined.

2)  Divide bags among helpers, staple flyers to bags, and distribute bags within your selected territory (by Wednesday, November 8th).

**Please note border streets in your territory where your territory borders another territory, and only distribute bags and collect cans on your side of the street.**

3) Leave bags in the screen door, under the mat, or on the front step. 

4)  On collection day, Saturday, November 11th at 8:30 a.m., attend a Prayer Service at St. Patrick’s Church, followed by coffee and doughnuts in the parish center.

5)  Drive through your territory door to door, and collect filled grocery bags from your territory (Nov. 11th, start no earlier than 9:00 a.m.). Don't forget to leave a "Thank you" door hanger!

6)  Count cans and record on Can Count Sheet. Bring collection to St. Patrick’s parking lot. Volunteers are welcome to stop in and lend a hand sorting in the gym.