Day of Drive

The morning of the drive, starting after 9am, drive to your territory to pick up the bags which were left out a few days earlier. Be sure to check closely for people who leave them not in open view. Also knock on doors to gently remind people who you are. Every can counts.

Leave a Thank You Door hanger on the door!

While you are putting the filled bags into your car, count each can, box or item and write it down on the can count sheet. You will need this count when you drop off the food at the drop off site.  It is helpful to have small boxes in the back of your car to place the counted cans in to make the drop off quicker. You can keep the bags if you'd like!

After you have collected everything in your territory, complete the final can count sheet and bring your items to St. Elizabeth parking lot. There will be car lines for the food banks and shelters, and lines of cars for canners. Follow directions given to you by the Collection Site Coordinators.