Letter from Rick Gannon


Dear Canners, 

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and the RGIII show the Redskins put on in Dallas.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive. Amazing that it has been that long since my brother and his wife Mo began the drive out of their house with a group of friends and the maps you still see on the web site today. We have collected over 850,000 cans during that time and will soon break the 1 Million can mark. I would like to say that my brother would be wowed by those numbers, except for the fact that he always dreamed big and expected big results. And, for the most part he achieved them throughout his life.

However, he would be impressed with the continued effort; support and fellowship of all of the people who help make this drive successful. Thanks to every child, teenager, parent, teacher, friend and neighbor for all you do every year to feed the poor. The need continues to increase each year and surprisingly is touching many families that have never had to ask for help before. Your efforts matter.

So this year as we celebrate our 25th anniversary and the success of the program I want to say thank you for all of the people you serve. Truly, in the spirit of “Men for Others”, our parish is putting our faith into action. I would like to ask that you make a special effort this year to come to the gathering at the church to spend some time with other families, encourage the new families and have a donut and hot chocolate. Will you learn anything you didn’t already know from doing this every year? The answer is no. But I think as one of the veteran canners once stated, this event is like an old fashioned Amish barn raising. A community comes together, one goal, one day to support each other and those in need. Gathering together before we set out gives us an opportunity to feel that community spirit as a group.

This year thanks to the support of one of our canners we are going to have a raffle to mark the 25th anniversary. No purchase required, but you must be present at the church to win one of our fabulous prizes. Tickets will be handed out at the church. A Christmas tree from the BS lot, 2 sets of 4 tickets to the Washington Nationals and 3 iPod minis. One winner per family. Check out this new website for details on the drive. 

Thank you for your help in making this one of the best events of the year within our community.

 See you on the 1st.

 Rick Gannon

aka (RG I . The original)