Leader Information Sheet


Thanks to all of you for your invaluable help with this year’s food drive. You are one of about 80 wonderful groups who will help us meet our goal of collecting over 50,000 cans! Please read through all of this information. Remember, this is a RAIN, SNOW, or SHINE event. We have had some of our best collections in the worst weather!

As a group/territory leader, you have the following responsibilities:

 1. BAG PICK UP!   Bags will be bundled and available for pick up in the Parish Center on Saturday, November 30th and Sunday December 1st from 11-2pm, and on Monday, December 2nd from 2:30pm to 4:30pm for those who cannot pick up their bags over the Thanksgiving weekend. Please plan to pick up your bags during one of these times.   If you cannot pick up your bags, please contact Meredith Ficca at mzficca@gmail.com to make other arrangements. Generally we are giving each group 250 bags. Your group may receive less or more bags depending on the size of your territory. With the bags, you will receive:

  • Flyers that need to be stapled to the bags... there is a place at the bottom of the flyer for each family to write their names and or a note for a "personal touch."  We are encouraging this instead of additional flyers to save paper!
  • A map of your group’s territory. Please keep this map for December 7th. Additional copies may be downloaded from the Territory Details page of the website (pending).
  • T-shirts 
  • Door hangers to leave on the door handle after a filled bag is picked up on Saturday.

 Please distribute bags and collect cans only from INSIDE the marked borders of your territory…i.e. you SHOULD NOT cross the street that borders the neighboring territory! Another group will cover the bordering territories around you.

 2. Names and contact information of those who have volunteered to help and have been assigned to your territory are included on the cover sheet you will receive with your territory map. Please contact them directly to coordinate bag drop-off and pick-up responsibilities.

 3. Distribute the bags between Wednesday, December 4th and Friday, December 6th. Wednesday and Thursday work very well, as people often grocery shop specifically in order to fill our bags/boxes.

 4. Count your cans and other food items. All "canners" must have cans counted before entering the GEICO parking lot for drop off. Please use the Can Count form (to be updated) as you collect bags. We recommend that you collect cardboard boxes before December 7th.  Using the boxes in the back of your vehicle will help keep the bags organized for counting items and will help when you deliver to GEICO.

 5. PLEASE COME TO THE CHURCH! On December 7th.  Please plan to meet at the church at 8:30 a.m. for donuts and coffee, final instructions, and for a brief send-off and prayer/blessing before we set out to collect those cans! This is a really important part of the day, especially for the children. We want everyone to experience the tremendous sense of community giving that this event generates.

6. Please drive through your territory one last time for missed bags on Saturday afternoon or even better Sunday.  Bags collected after GEICO lot closes can be dropped off at the Parish Center 3630 Quesada St., NW.

 For questions about any of the information above contact Meredith Ficca: 3/654-1871 or mzficca@gmail. If anyone has photos of previous canned food drives, please email them to us so we can put them on our website. Many thanks to all of you!!